SMART Personal Protective Equipment is your first line of defense !



The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic brought the world to its knees. Never before has there been a greater need for effective respiratory protection. When it comes to preventing contamination and protecting yourself and others, state-of-the-art surgical respirators represent the first line of defense.

The NASK NANOFIBER RESPIRATOR has been developed and designed using the latest technologies and innovations to provide ultimate protection and assure the safety of medical staff, patients at risk and those who don't want to compromise on protection and comfort.


Based on most recent developments in nanofiber technology, it grants superior filtration efficiency, thereby rendering it a vital shield against bacteria, viruses and a number of other harmful microorganisms like allergens, pollen, mould and dust all while offering maximum breathability and comfort.

Discover what else makes NASK NANOFIBER RESPIRATOR so unique and why it is the best choice to guarantee your protection and safety.

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The applied technology makes it the worldwide first CE-certified antibacterial medical FFP2 respirator made of electrospun nanofibers. It offers advanced filtration against the most penetrating airborne contaminants known to be the most harmful air pollutants (MPPS|PM 2.5), traps viruses and kills bacteria without impacting breathability and wear comfort.

Nanofiber Technology

The electrospun nanofiber is the outstanding component that makes the NASK RESPIRATOR considerably more efficient than other conventional FFP2 respirators. As thin as 3/1000th of a human hair, they allow for a larger specific surface area with high  porosity. Because it uses less material, it has the benefits of being ultrathin and light, favoring better breathability.   

Filters ≥ 99% MPPS

Nanofibers feature a much broader surface loading capacity thanks to their highly porous structure. This results in a superior filtration efficiency greater than 99% and a higher airflow. It can be  comfortably used in hazardous areas for a longer period    compared  to other protective respirators.   

Kills ≥ 99% bacteria

Bacteria on the surface increase risks of cross-contamination. The microscopic nanofibers have the remarkable advantage to kill ≥ 99% of trapped bacteria in less than 5 minutes as tested and certified by an international renowned laboratory. Risks of infection and its consequences are considerably minimized.


The patented technology, researched and developed in collaboration with experts of the Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI), has been rewarded by silver and gold medals at the 44th and 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva with jury commendation – the best among all the gold medals awarded.

Who we are ?  

At Innocare Swiss, we strive to leverage the latest technologies and innovations to come up with carefully selected products that will contribute to improving health and safety for both professional and private users.